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City data

See detailed instructions.

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public art pieces
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#ottawa-public-art http://tasks.osmcanada.ca/project/122
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

  1. Before you start working on the project, load city data as new layer. This will create new layer with public art nodes in JOSM. You will later use it when mapping.
  2. Create new layer in JOSM (File->New Layer).
  3. Select random task in task manager, open it in JOSM, select preferred Imagery.
  4. Switch to ottawa-public-art.osm layer (click on the 'active' column in Layers window), select the public art node and copy it to clipboard (Ctrl-C).
  5. Switch back to OSM Data Layer, locate position of the art piece on the ground and paste it. Watch for duplicate nodes. Use Mapillary imagery and description tag if needed.
  6. Verify tags. Add missing ones, i.e. artwork_type. Refer to image tag to get an idea. Possible artwork types: mural, statue, painting, sculpture, graffiti, mosaic, land_art, fountain, installation.
  7. Upload changes to OSM. Mark task as done and move on to the next one: step 3.

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