#143 - Ottawa bike lanes and paths

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Tagging all roadways and paths will allow Bike Ottawa to keep statistics on how many kilometers of paths, cycletracks, and bike lanes are present in Ottawa. In particular, we want to know whether the road has:

1) a painted lane (which may include seasonal flex-stakes),

2) a cycletrack (physically protected lane featuring a curb of some sort, often made of concrete),

3) a multi-use path (typically a 2-way asphalt path at least 2m wide that is shared with pedestrians and separated from the roadway).

4) shared-lane markings (sharrows)

5) confirmation that no cycle facility exists

You can't actually edit the map using this tool (The tasking manager). Instead, this tool marks areas that you are working on in order to co-ordinate the effort. Once you click on the square you can lock it and a "start editing" button will prompt you for an editor of your choice and open the square in that editor.

JOSM is not required. But, if you're new to JOSM and would like to try it, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Click on the remote control icon on the left of the screen, select "Enable remote control" and "Enable HTTPS support" and click OK and follow the instructions in the dialogs.

Created by Heather Shearer - Updated - Priority: medium


Entities to Map
bike lane, cycletrack, pathway, sharrow, absence of bike lanes
Changeset Comment
#ottawa-pathways http://tasks.osmcanada.ca/project/143
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

(Optional) If you choose to work in JOSM, add and enable the following filter in the Filter window: (-highway & -highway:path & -highway:footway & -highway:cycleway)|(cycleway & surface). This hides all non-relevant objects leaving only pathways and roads that are not tagged with cycleway and surface tags. The surface tag is a bit important as a filter: cycleway will target roads, but "surface" will target paths that may have been missed in a previous project (#139) to tag all the paths in the city. Adding these tags is the main goal of this project.

Keep an eye out for roadways that are tagged as having a sidewalk, where there is also a sidewalk drawn as a separate way. Also keep an eye out for pathways that are tagged as footways.

Using the Mapillary plugin, satellite imagery and local knowledge determine the status of the ways in the task and assign the following tags when possible:

  • cycleway=no if there is no bike lane painted
  • cycleway=lane if there is a painted bike lane - CAUTION: many streets have parking areas or "traffic-calming" fog lines marked (for examples, see Meadowlands, Craig Henry, and much of Bridlewood). These may look a bit like a bike lane, but they are either too narrow or too full of parked cars to actually be useful. Mark that road as cycleway=no and don't give the city too much credit.
  • cycleway=opposite_lane if there is a painted counter-flow bike lane on a one-way street.
  • cycleway=shared_lane if there are sharrows
  • All cycletracks should be mapped as a separate way, and tagged with whether they are two-way or one way.

Optional tags:

  • width=0.5|1|1.5|2|3|... - optional

  • surface=asphalt|fine_gravel|gravel|ground|concrete|paving_stones|...

  • smoothness=excellent|good|intermediate|bad|horrible - optional

  • lit=yes|no - optional, if you observe light posts along the path

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