#147 - Alberta Building Import

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Import building outlines from the Statistics Canada open building database. See the OSM Wiki for more details about the broader building outline import.

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#Alberta Building Import - https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Canada/Canada_Stats_Canada_Building_Outlines_Import/Plan
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

  1. Select and open a task in JOSM. If it's too big (i.e. too much work or request is too big to load in JOSM) - go back and split the task into smaller ones.

  2. Apply an inverse building=* filter to remove any non-building data( Windows -> Filter; On the filter window press add; Type building=*; Press submit filter; In the filter window click the checkbox in the I column)

  3. Load building outlines for your task - see link under the Contribute Tab. Merge that buildings layer to the task layer.

  4. Check for any existing buildings that might create conflicts (keep existing, merge tags or only update building footprint). Using the replace geometry tool can be very useful to retain the full history of the feature and OSM attributes. Aerial imagery can be helpful for this - Esri World Imagery and sometimes Bing usually work best.

  5. Classify buildings with appropriate OSM building tags. Most common tags you'll encounter:

    • building=detached - single detached home,
    • building=house - semidetached houses,
    • building=terrace - 3+ homes attached together.
    • building=school - school
    • building=garage - garage
    • building=industrial, building=commercial, building=retail are also useful.
    • If not sure which tag to use - leave building=yes
  6. Select All (Ctrl-A) and execute Validation. Do your best to fix any errors and building-related warnings.

  7. Upload changes to OSM with source = "Statistics Canada - Open Building Database"

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