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Fort-Coulonge is lacking address data. We can import this data from the CanVec layers(See instructions)

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Entities to Map
address interpolations, missing roads
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Fort-Coulonge Address Data, #osmcanada-task-5, source=NRCan-CanVec-10.0
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[imagery url available only after accepting the license]

Access to this imagery is limited by the Open Government Licence - Canada v2.0 license agreement.

You need to review and acknowledge the agreement.

You will need the CanVec tile data for Pembroke available above in the imagery section Please note that the data is available under the Open Government Licence - Canada v2.0

  1. Download the Pembroke CanVec tile (linked above)
  2. Grab a tile from the task manager
  3. The CanVec tiles(filename) that you need are which you can open with JOSM 031F15

  4. Copy and paste the interpolations to the data layer created by the task manager.

  5. Check that the data is valid as well as any missing streets.

Using JOSM

  • To preview the data, use the filter:
  • "addr:street"= OR "addr:interpolation"=

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